31 December 2011

2011 in Review

This probably should have posted earlier, as I'll have another couple posts coming up later today, but I wanted to reflect on 2011 for a moment.

This year seemed like it flew by.  Here's a month-by-month recap, for funsies:

Take 9
I spent the beginning of the year with the usual suspects in Austin and we rang in the new year like we do every year: too much food and just enough alcohol.  This was followed by a trip to Seattle for the American Astronomical Society convention, where I picked up a pretty nasty case of the flu.  Randi and her boyfriend Steve shot a short film at my house.  At the very end of the month, I started Community Supported Home Cooking with Athena, Randi, and Chalence.

sweet corn dessert at Uchiko

I was still sick in February, but I managed to get healthy enough to create a list of demands for my birthday.  Colby complied ;) and we had a lovely dinner at Uchiko.
rabbit and duck liver pate at Luke New Orleans

I did a Nerd Nite talk about astronomy with a couple of my friends from the department.  Mid-month, I went on a spring break trip to New Orleans with Kyle.  We had ridiculously good food and way too much alcohol. 
ridiculously tasty apple tart from Austin Bakes for Japan

I participated in the Austin Bakes for Japan bake sale with a lot of my fellow AFBA members.  It was quite the success and I met a lot of really cool bloggers.  A few days later, Colby and I went to the Guster concert at Stubbs and I had the past 11 years of fandom fulfilled when I got to meet Brian, Ryan, Adam, and Luke of the band.

my plate at the AFBA farmers market potluck

May was busy and filled with a lot of things having to do with school.  I spent most of it frantically writing a paper.  I also joined the AFBA officially that month, I believe, and went to the first official event -a farmers market potluck at someone's home.  There was more meeting people and eating of delicious food

I think this one speaks for itself

Ahh June.  For thirty days, I took a picture of everything I ate, so the posting was thin to begin with.  I got really drunk with Randi and dyed my hair purple.  I'm still living with the consequences of that decision.  At the end of the month, I submitted my paper to the Astrophysical Journal.  At some point mid-to-late month, I started feeling crazy sick and when I couldn't stand it anymore, took a pregnancy test which came back positive.  I took three more that day to confirm.

someone besides me cooking

There was a whole lot of morning sickness going on, so I didn't cook anything, really.  Also, it was really freaking hot and I threatened to kill anyone who tried to turn on the oven.

My muse for the month of August

Still in the throes of morning sickness, I continued not to cook.  I had a disappointing pasty, but that was mostly it for my food adventures.  At the end of the month, my paper was accepted and I posted it to ArXiv and I said good-bye to Athena.  This was also the end for the Community Supported Home Cooking project and blog.  I also took a lot of pictures of my dog.

One of my contributions to the Austin Bakes for Bastrop bake sale

The morning sickness finally started to ease up, and we announced the pregnancy to people.  Although, I guess we did it kind of sneaky-like because I surprised a whole lot of people with my pregnancy when I sent out my baby shower invitations later.  Oops.  I also participated in the second bake sale of the year, Austin Bakes for Bastrop.  This was put together by the same people as Austin Bakes for Japan, with the proceeds being donated to help the victims of the Bastrop fires.  We also got a DSLR for the baby.  This has definitely been used for the baby... we have ~10 GB of pictures of Kimchi. ;)

seagulls in Port Aransas, TX

We found out that we were going to have a girl and I started cooking again.  We also took our babymoon in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas and ate at some pretty yummy places and watched Michigan State beat Michigan from a brewery in Port A. Go Green!

cider making ingredients

I attempted to participate in NaBloPoMo for the 6th time and FINALLY finished a month.  (Go me!)   Colby and I went to a Slow Food Austin session on the making of hard cider and decided to start making our own.  The plan was to make a bunch to bring to Michigan for Christmas gifts.  I graded a lot of papers and gave a talk at the end of the month, so mostly the month consisted of cooking, working, and more working.

Christmas Eve dinner at my great aunt and grandma's house

After NaBloPoMo, I was about ready to stop blogging for awhile, but then found out that some people were going to post 30 times this month about what they were grateful for.  I decided that after a month of posting every day, I wasn't ready to commit to posting that frequently again, but rather decided to post 12 times.  The first part of the month was filled with more school duties, what with getting final grades in for my students, a committee meeting, and a paper draft.  I also started a new research project.  We went home for our baby shower and for Christmas.  The shower was lovely and we got a lot of clothing.  We also celebrated our third anniversary Christmas was less lovely and it made me grateful that I live 1400 miles away from most of my family, but that didn't seem to fit the spirit of the 12 days of a grateful heart, so I kept that to myself... until now. ;)  And now I'm home and the usual suspects are back at my house hanging out.  I have a menu plan for New Year's Eve posted.

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