17 December 2011

Twelve Days with a Grateful Heart: On the road again

It's been a bit quiet around the blog lately. This is mostly due to the flurry of activities that accompany the convergence of the end of the semester and Christmas.   In my haste, I left most of the pictures I took on a computer in Austin that I wrong be able to aces until after Christmas.  Once that happens, I'll be sure to have some fun posts about the Austin to Boston food blogger swap, my favorite dog-themed restaurant in Austin, and much much more.   Until then I may post about some of the stuff we do in MI

We're currently in transit to Michigan, making our way though northern Arkansas/southern Missouri.  We stayed in a hotel last night and I found this in the bathroom:

Today I'm grateful for passive aggressive notes that make the 24hr drive even a little bit more amusing.


astrochris said...

I just can't understand why someone would want a hotel remote. I don't even like touching those.

MaybeBaby said...
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Natalie said...

The thought of someone taking the shower head just cracks me up! Who does that?!