11 January 2017

Whole 30 Day 2: creamy lemon garlic dressing

I didn't watch the President's farewell address tonight because I can't bear the idea of the Obamas leaving the White House. Instead I went to a friend's happy hour birthday party (and drank nothing tyvm), battled the wind and rain, and watched this when I got home:


At least my food was delicious.

Lunch was another salad with surprise Brussels sprouts. I don't know why I called them surprise. I was surprised when I found them I guess? Whatever the case, they were super tasty.
om nom nom
For dinner, Colby cooked salmon and we ate it with an arugula salad with eggs and tomatoes. It was supposed to have avocado, but the ones that we got were still super crunchy.  No bueno, but the salad was AMAZING because of the dressing.

creamy lemon garlic dressing
juice from 1-2 lemons (to taste)
2-3 cloves garlic, crushed

Combine everything and let it steep. 

It is so so so delicious. Colby used walnut oil to make the mayo since olive oil is too strongly flavored. The mayo itself is really good and definitely something we'll be using as a base for other dressings and salads. I definitely want to make this jalapeño slaw next week and now I'm envisioning pairing macadamia nut encrusted white fish to make tortilla-less fish tacos. Hmmm..

09 January 2017

Whole 30. Again.

Yes, I know. I always start the Whole 30 challenge and then quit part of the way through. I hate the rhetoric on their website/in the forums too, but my past experience has shown that it really does help me stop craving sweets and generally eat better. Plus, there's nothing like insanely restrictive yet morally superior clean eating to reignite my decades-old eating disorder make me cook at home. Since misery loves company healthy eating challenges are better when you have other people to complain to hold each other accountable, I coerced asked a few friends to join me on this goddamn nightmare magical food journey.

My motivation for doing the Whole 30 this time around is to reset my palate so I appreciate whole foods again, generally eat better, and make sure that I am as healthy as I can be. One of the biggest fitness fallacies is that exercising helps you lose weight. I'm quite the opposite where I often gain weight since exercise makes me super duper hungry. In the past, I've done Whole 30 and have been really diligent about staying within the frankly excessively restrictive boundaries and was miserable the entire time. This isn't a tenable solution for me and so this time around I'm going to modify the rules: I'll still eat small quantities of dairy and beans.

Corporate lunch is delicious. Also free.
I am also in a much better position now because I get breakfast and lunch at work. Breakfasts will likely be mostly eggs and sometimes breakfast meats. Lunches are likely to be salad-based. Dinners and weekends are where I'll have to plan. Without further ado, our meal plan:

less pretty than one would hope but yet so delicious.

Citrus-marinated chicken with cauliflower rice

Salmon on an arugula salad with a 2 minute mayo-based dressing

Potato, egg, and homemade sausage hash

Dijon chicken with cauliflower soup

"Texas" Chili

I'll try to update with what we actually end up eating and recipes.