22 December 2011

Twelve Days with a Grateful Heart: December

Oh hai, internets. I sort of forgot about you.  At the end of our 1400 mile road trip to Michigan, we ended up at my in-laws' house (aka the land with the slowest internets).  We're currently at my dad's wife's house in Port Huron, complete with wireless internet and water that doesn't come from a well.

Today I'm grateful that December has 31 days, because apparently posting 12 times is a challenge.  I've started a post about the Austin to Boston swap, though my super-on-top-of-things partner Halley beat me to posting about what I sent.  You can see her post here.

Meanwhile, I'm going to slink away to sleep because apparently the third trimester woes (the crazy tiredness, heartburn, backaches, pelvic pain, etc.) have attacked me in full force.  And, just for fun, I was going to post a picture of my hugely growing belly (holy crap, I'm 29.3 weeks preg), but it's not cute and it just kicked my computer again.

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