30 December 2011

Twelve Days with a Grateful Heart: Home

Today and yesterday and the day before that I've been grateful for being home.  And by home I mean my house.  The one that we own... because even though we left a rather picturesque scene

for one that was decidedly less pretty

we would never have been able to engage in science experiments in our kitchen before heading back to our house

Why yes, that IS a macadamia nut stuck on a paper clip over a pie tin that's been lit on fire.  How perceptive of you!  It turns out that they burn just like candles due to their high fat content.

Chris brought macadamia nuts to Austin as part of our annual New Year's Eve festivities.  Kyle's here too and by this time tomorrow, we'll have a full house filled with friends from all over the country.  Life, it turns out, is pretty okay right now.


gakiblogs said...

Some trivial trivia for you: People in Hawaii used to use the kukui nut as candles.. I think it literally translates to "candle nut" or something. Or not. I make shit up sometimes haha.. Anyway happy holidays!


julie k h aka jkru said...

That's pretty cool, but shh don't tell Colby, or else he'll try to light our house on fire again. Happy holidays to you too!