17 June 2009

Going home

Okay, so I've been absent in the month of June. I blame this on housesitting for the boss, working from home, and not sleeping at all. Ah, the pleasures of graduate school.

We're going home in a few days. SO EXCITED! I've got an itinerary all scheduled around food.

In only a five day span, I plan to visit these places

National Coney Island - ultimate in late night, metro Detroit dining!
Caribou Coffee - yes, I know this is a national coffee chain, but it's tradition.
Charlie Kang's - where I first fell in love with bibimbap; the have the best gochujang
Old Chicago - home of the World Beer Tour and delicious Italian nachos
Menna's Joint - the ultimate drunk food. also, amazing good when sober.
Jack's Waterfront - where we had our rehearsal dinner. awwww...
Cloverleaf Pizza - great Detroit style pizza!
Steve's Backroom - middle eastern food. awesome
Zingerman's Delicatessen - gourmet deli. amazing pastrami and the associated restaurant made Bon Apetit's BBQ edition!
Dusty's Cellar - fancy food, East Lansing style

this should be one delicious vacation, but it will definitely need to be punctuated with frequent visits to the gym!