04 November 2011

Babymoon Part 1: Port Aransas Brewing Company

On our babymoon to Corpus Christi, we spent a half day in Port Aransas.  The first order of business was to eat lunch.  I was happy that we were out of town that particular weekend because Michigan State was playing U of M in football and my stress levels always shoot through the roof on a rivalry weekend.  We stopped by the Port Aransas Brewing Company and, lo and behold, the game was on.  There was a lot of screaming from my end and a lot of "OMG BE QUIET" from Colby's, but Michigan State won (Go Green!) and so did we because the food was fantastic.

Colby ordered the shrimp basket and I got a shrimp po' boy.  Both came with tasty seasoned waffle fries.  Also shrimp.  These were probably the best breaded/fried shrimp I've ever had.  The only complaint I have is that the cocktail sauce could have stood to have a bit more horseradish because it was lacking zip.  Otherwise, the bun was buttery with a crispy exterior and the shrimp were perfectly cooked, with a breading that actually stayed on without being overwhelming.  I forgot until to take a picture until I was about halfway through my sandwich, but Colby's half eaten shrimp basket is a lot more appetizing.

Unfortunately we didn't try any of the beer because it was like 11 AM and also because this was a babymoon, and no matter how much I enjoy a good beer, I'm pretty sure the fetus* doesn't.  We had such an excellent time in Port A that I want to go back next year with some friends and a baby in tow.  I think the better plan would be to rent a condo or cottage and bring food to cook instead of going out to eat the entire time.  Stay tuned for more pictures and restaurants!

*We found out the fetus is a girl.  I'm excited but now we're duking it out over the name.  I'm pretty sure that once it has a name I'm going to start calling it a baby.  Also "she", unless it keeps kicking me in the bladder whenever I try to go to sleep.

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