03 June 2013

30 Day Photography Challenge: Something you wore

We took Ramona to a splash pad yesterday to see if she'd like it. There were a ton of kids there, which scared her and the water features were a bit... aggressive. I carried her around to see the less violent features and got soaking wet in the process. Mostly, I dried off rather quickly, but not my shoes, which though waterproof, remained squishy for the next couple hours while I walked through Central Market.

Also, these shoes are giving me the most ridiculous tan lines.

02 June 2013

30 Day Photography Challenge: Self-portrait

I miss blogging. I miss the food blogging community here in Austin too. I just don't think I have the time to do it on the regular yet, and I'm doubtful that I will until I graduate; however, I did find something that I think I can do and will let me satisfy that blogging urge I get now and again.

The 30 Day Photography Challenge at White Peach is doable, I think. I'm not going to join their forums, but I will post to this blog. Hopefully daily, but if not, I'll be taking daily pictures. So here's my first picture, a self-portrait. We took it at St. Theresa's in Austin right after Ramona's baptism. And since I'm in this picture and I'm never in pictures, I'm going to call this close enough.