06 April 2014

Notes from the underground

screenshot from my talk

There are so many things going on right now, it makes my head spin.

Last last week, my collaborator came into town. We spent a really intense week working on my papers and I had a committee meeting and subsequent talk. It went. Although the collaboration went really well.

I'm going to jinx myself, but I think I finally have a defense date in August. I'm so looking forward to that being over, I can't even tell you. BUT there's so much that I need to do before I finish for real (write an introduction to my thesis, a summary to the thesis, resubmit a paper, and submit another paper) that I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make it. I do know, however, that I will. Because I have to.

Ramona is a trooper. I feel bad because I'm an insane person right now and she's really starting to learn empathy (I don't know how, if you've ever met Colby or me). She sees me going crazy and then says "sorry, mama" since she knows that makes some things better. It warms my heart. It's also part of the reason why I'm not going to really work on weaning her yet because we need that time together when I can just focus on her instead of everything else for a change.

We're selling our house. If you'd like to live in a diversified neighborhood that's not super expensive and like 15 minutes from anything you'd ever want let me know. Last week we secured an apartment next to Ramona's school. We chose that place specifically so she could stay in the same place. So much is changing, and so we wanted to keep that the same for her.

Colby's parents are coming to help us get the house ready and then my dad and step mom are coming too. I'm hoping that we'll have everything ready so that we can officially put the house on the market. I love this house and it's sad that we're selling it, but it's for the best. Ramona needs to be in a better school district for the future, for sure.

There are some other HUGE things on the horizon that I'm not at liberty to specify (no, there will be no siblings for Ramona, unless you know something that I don't, especially considering that I've newly discovered the moscow mule)... yet. But they're good and I'm hopeful for the future. I just wish that it would hurry up and get here so I can stop freaking out.