04 October 2011

Austin Bakes for Bastrop Recap

Austin Bakes for Bastrop was a resounding success.  Between the seven bake sale locations, online donations, and online donation matching from Key Ingredient, over $12,500 was raised.  This will all be donated to the Central Texas Wildfire Fund.  

I volunteered at the Whole Foods Gateway location with some pretty rad ladies, including the authors of Stetted, The Kid Can Cook, and My Vegan Journey, as well as the owner of Sweet Pop and a couple other people who don't have linkable places on the internets.  Thank you so much to everyone who organized, volunteered, and bought goodies.  Here is just a smattering of pictures (taken with the new camera!) of our location.

Setting up one of two sets of tables
Wonderfully decorated Halloween cookies

Cake pops from Sweet Pop 

pretty cupcakes

One of the many gluten-free items available at our location

Pretty granola, and one of the default suggestions for people asking for "not too much sugar"

table full of goodies

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