17 October 2011

yet another menu plan

We arrived back from our babymoon yesterday evening and since then I've been tired and trying to keep busy.  We have another appointment tomorrow where we find out the sex of the fetus.  I definitely have my preference and so does Colby.  Either way, I'm just glad that I'll finally be able to start filling out the rest of the baby registry so the overeager grandparents can get off my back. ;)  Our babymoon was awesome and I'll be posting pictures once we finally sort through them.  We put our new camera to use and wow, does it ever make a difference.  In the mean time, here's a quickie menu plan for the week

This is what happens when a DSLR meets dusk and my dinner

Pasta with spinach, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, chicken and mozzarella cheese

Grilled cheese with homemade tomato soup

butternut squash gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce and roasted brussels sprouts

Chris comes to town, so it seems likely that we'll go out to eat somewhere.  Or maybe we'll make something fancy for dinner


gakiblogs said...

how exciting! referring to your baby stuff btw. also your dslr. im jealous!

Mary Helen said...

Mmmmm. Grilled cheese. I really shouldn't read food blogs before dinner. I never want to eat what I've cooked by the time I'm finished oggling.