16 September 2016


I work in tech. My job has super cool perks like free crossfit, spa water on every floor, and a salary that allows me to live in the most expensive area of the country. I take the BART from West Oakland to Civic Center to get to the office, located about a block away from the station, and I am continually humbled and reminded of my privilege. It's a rare day that I don't pass someone with a needle. The station is littered with the slim orange caps that I had previously associated with insulin and allergy shots. 

The contrast between the Civic Center BART station and my posh office is stark. And while it's a mind-boggling thought experiment to calculate just how little* you'd be left with at the end of the month if your income was the median value for the zip code of my just-outside-of-mid-Market office and the average rent for a 1BR San Francisco apartment, it's not just a gedanken exercise, it's real life for some.

In an effort to address some of this immense economic disparity, my friend Michelle started a non-profit called Techtonica. Techtonica is a 6 month program that enables low-income women and non-binary adults to gain the skills they need to work in tech. While many similar coding programs cost tens of thousands of dollars (thereby being vastly out of reach for most people) with no guarantee of future employment, Techtonica is free to the students and has jobs lined up for graduates. In addition, students are provided with a laptop, a living stipend, and free child care. In order to provide these incredible benefits, Michelle is currently fundraising through IndieGoGo

If this is something that speaks to you, please get involved! Make a tax-deductible donation. Spread the word through Twitter (and use the hashtag #BridgeTheTechGap), Facebook, and your personal network. Volunteer at tech workshops or help organize or package some of the seriously awesome campaign perks.

You can read more about Techtonica and the income disparity it is working to relieve from Michelle's Medium post and find Techtonica on Twitter @techtonicaorg and Facebook

*it's $100.67

23 April 2016

Procrastination tastes like jalapeño slaw

I want to start cooking again, but I've spent a lot of time coding and re-learning statistics in the name of professional development. I decided to carve out some time today to use up the cabbage that's been sitting in the crisper drawer for a week and the jalapeño that was on its last leg.

Jalapeño Slaw

1/2 head green cabbage, shredded or thinly sliced
1/4 c mayo
2ish T lemon juice
1 small lobe of shallot, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 jalapeño, seeded and diced
1 tsp kosher salt
salt + pepper to taste

Toss shredded cabbage and 1 tsp salt to evenly distribute in a colander placed over a bowl (or sink). Let sit for up to an hour, or at least as long as it takes to prep the rest.

Combine mayo, lemon juice, garlic, jalapeño, and shallot. Let sit for a bit to let the flavors combine and the harshness of the garlic and shallot to subside. Season with salt + pepper to taste.

Thoroughly rinse and drain the salted cabbage. Add in the dressing.

We served it with avocado slices and pork. Highly recommend. Would do again. 5/5.

03 April 2016

Whole 30 and Random Thoughts


I should be working on something, but obviously I'm not since I'm on here.

There are so many things I should be working on, but instead I'm typing into this. You're welcome.

  • Lice combs do a very good job of getting the larger pieces of cajun seasoning mix out of one's hair.
  • cajun seasoning does not feel so great when it gets in your eye. I do not have first hand knowledge of this, but I have been told that this is true very vehemently. 
  • I've been running on caffeine, adrenaline, and cortisol for the past month+ with the occasional ounce of ethanol thrown in for good measure. do not recommend.
  • I similarly do not recommend jumping head first into Whole30 when insanely stressed
    • and yet, here I am. Goddamnit.
    • I'm letting myself off the douche hook and am instagramming the shit out of what I eat so I can at least be entertained while I spend the next 28 days extremely hangry
  • while I prefer the syntax and ease of Postgres, switching between that and hive is fucking up my brain.
  • Ramona is super into quesadillas, excuse me, tortillas with melted cheese right now. It makes me want to buy a quesadilla maker since I am currently weak to shopping. 
ube ice cream kid cone - Cookiebar Creamery - $ 2.5

31 March 2016

Basil Canteen & Whole 30 Part 2

I can't believe we're doing it again, but starting tomorrow, it's back on the meat and veggie express and so long to my good friends "bread", "cheese", and happiness. I'll see if I can manage to blog about it this time, but no promises. In the meantime, here's some yummy food that I ate today.

Basil Canteen - kao pode tod - $7.5
Basil Canteen was pretty good, would definitely head back if I was in the neighborhood, although it's on the pricey side.

31 January 2016

First February Meal Plan

Greetings, strangers. Here's a quick meal plan:

Roasted vegetables, pan-fried chicken breasts, rice

Mashed potatoes, roasted zucchini, roasted pork tenderloin

chicken vindaloo, rice, leftover vegetables

Caldo verde, crusty bread

Leftovers tossed with pasta

Cauliflower soup, chicken in parchment

15 November 2015

On NaBloPoMo Failure and Caldo Verde

dear lord this is an ugly picture
I have unsurprisingly failed in my NaBloPoMo quest. This has happened a lot more now than it did before. I think some of it was the encouragement I had when I actually knew other bloggers in Austin. A lot of it is because the seasons in my life have changed and my energy is directed elsewhere. I've been going to data science and machine learning meet ups whenever I can. I've been trying to attend community-building events to learn more about creating a diverse and inclusive culture both at my company and in tech in general. These do not leave much time for blogging, or cooking for that matter. Colby bears the brunt of the domestic responsibilities and I am very glad that he can cook.

I've been thinking about priorities a lot lately. I spend 2-4 nights per week doing after-work extracurricular activities. It's meant that I've been spending a lot of my mental capital on that and not on other things that I used to do (hello, paper crafting). It's also meant that I don't sleep and haven't been to my insanely expensive exercise place in 2 weeks (hello, Crossfit). This results in very quiet weekends. This isn't a bad thing, except that my weekends used to be the most interesting part of my week. Instead, I've been spending a lot of time snuggling with Ramona, watching Bob Ross, and catching up on my sleep.

The best part about quiet weekends has been that it's gotten much colder. This means that snuggling under piles of blankets is not uncomfortable and that soup for dinner is totally legit. This weekend, PBS Create had a soup-centric theme and that was awesome. America's Test Kitchen highlighted a recipe for caldo verde and it was amazing with nothing more than a side of crusty San Francisco sourdough.

03 November 2015

Data Science Meet Up Recap

nice picture of the back of someone's head. :) 

My favorite way to interact at conferences is twitter. It's easy to follow hashtags and use @messaging to connect with people. As a result, I often "meet" people on twitter and never really meet them in real life. Today I went to a data science meet up and got to actually meet someone I've been interacting with on twitter since SciPy.

The meet up was basically an intro to data science. We talked about why data science is having a moment, what the data science work flow looks like, and what skills are crucial in being an effective data scientist. We then went through a tutorial using a Jupyter notebook, scikit-learn, and the iris data set. I've actually given a tutorial in a research seminar using that data set, so I didn't really gain much technical insight out of this; however, I did come to this realization:
I also got to hang out with Sonya, Michelle and Michael, and some Hackbright grads, while meeting other people who are interested both in data science and building a culture of inclusion in the tech industry. Quality way to spend an evening.