10 April 2009

Easter Menu

I decided to have people over for dinner on Easter... a simple enough task, but now I'm wondering if I'm in over my head. Oh well. Too late now, but at least I have my menu planned... which is:

Mini caprese salad with roasted heirloom tomatoes
potato and asparagus tart with goat cheese

charcuterie and cheese plate salad

Main Course:
Roasted chicken

sweet and spicy roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes
mushroom ragu over orzo

strawberry and blood orange shortcake with vanilla bean gelato and homemade whipped cream

I guess I should explain the charcuterie and cheese plate salad, which was not my idea, but rather Bon Apetit's. I'm pretty sure that it'll make me look lazy, but once they start eating, I'll look like a lazy genius. I got Speck dell'Alto Adige from Central Market today because prosciutto was prohibitively expensive. I also picked up some abruzzese and a handful of cheeses including Gruyère, asiago, chevre, and Amish blue cheese. The plan is to make a vineagrette and dress some salad and then put out the meats and cheeses as add-ins pho style. There will also be toasted walnuts, cranberries, and these cute little olives I picked up today as well.

Recipes for the other items will come in due time, when I'm not trying to study for galaxies. Ugh.

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