02 April 2009

Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

Meyer lemons were featured prominently at Whole Foods earlier last week and they were screaming my name. It was a rather odd occurrence, being screamed at by fruit, but they spoke to me and I listened. I picked up about six of them with the intention of busting out my brand new ice cream maker attachment for the stand mixer that we got as a wedding present from Dave for the first time.

It was a bit of an ordeal because the bowl was never cold enough because my freezer is awful, but zesting all the lemons was fun. The problem with my freezer is that its temperature is controlled by the refrigerator and the fridge is basically a crappy freezer. Aside from dealing with the ice cream not setting, it was pretty easy when all was said and done. The most difficult part was actually cleaning up my kitchen in the first place, but it was definitely worth it. I won't bother posting the recipe, as I took it from The Chocolate Gourmand, but here are a few pictures of the process.

Four bucks worth of lemons, defeated.

Making a simple syrup out of lemons and sugar. That alone was tasty enough to just eat, but I restrained myself. :)

And here's the KASM in action.


Johnny Banana said...

Did you have a juicer, or did you just do the "squeeze it really hard" method?

jkru said...

yeah... I have two juicers... my left hand and my right hand. :-P I sort of want the juicing attachment for the standmixer now...