11 April 2009

Vanilla Bean Gelato

This is a quickie because I'm in the middle of making my dessert for tomorrow.

3+1 c whole milk
1 vanilla bean, split + seeds
1 c granulated sugar
3tbs+2tsp corn starch

bring 3c milk and the vanilla bean and seeds to a simmer. Combine 1c milk, sugar, and cornstarch and add that mixture to the simmering vanilla milk while continuously stirring. Keep stirring until mixture thickens, pour through a fine mesh strainer, and put in the fridge to chill. Set up your ice cream maker and turn it on, and then pour in the mix. I waited overnight to do this... but mostly because it took that long to get the bowl of my ice cream maker to freeze. It'll be a little soft, but let it sit in the freezer for a bit and then it'll be perfect. :)

Also, I must admit that I took this from 101cookbooks, but this is mostly for my own records.

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