21 October 2008

short and sweet

Given my intense impatience and my inability to deal with the fact that I now have a disposable income with any ounce of maturity, I find myself in possession of a blackberry curve. Don't get me wrong, it's totally awesome, but I probably should have waited to get a storm since they're coming out shortly and they look amazing. Nevertheless I am totally taken with the curve (although, if Verizon releases the storm in the next thirty days I'll return this one).

To celebrate my impatience and, mostly, to give me a chance to play, I've decided to post a recipe... And what better recipe than one that is short and sweet, like my new phone, the actual contents of the recipe, and twitter posts. (Because, let's get real here, people: the main reason I wanted a blackberry in the first place was for twitterberry)

Fake sun-dried tomatoes aka oven dried
1 sleeve cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
A couple tbs EVOO

Toss the tomatoes in EVOO and season with good s+p. Put in a 200 deg oven for 2-5 hours depending on your oven. Seriously one of the most delicious things I've ever made!

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