07 April 2010

Pan-fried Puppy

I probably shouldn't be writing this now, seeing as I have a homework assignment due in 1.5 hours that's only about 3/4 finished, but my poor attention span needs a bit of a break. Last Thursday Chris, Kyle, and LeeAnne came out to Austin from Hawaii, Arizona, and Michigan to celebrate Easter and generally hang out. It was pretty awesome and we had a really nice Easter brunch, which included spinach and artichoke quiche, french toast, and chicken & waffles. I'm a bit sad now because they left early yesterday morning signifying the fact that it's really crunch time. I'm presenting my second year defense talk on May 5 and I'm doing the oral examination on June 23. It's good that those dates are spread out, but I can't wait until June 4.

And now (be warned, I'm committing an act of TMI) my pee smells like coffee because I'm fueled by caffeine and more caffeine.

Also, since this is a food blog, here's a picture of my puppy in a frying pan (courtesy of LeeAnne):

See? She's just so cute you want to eat her up!

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