25 April 2010

Grad Student Lent

I'm back to menu planning, but with an altogether different purpose. I've let myself off the hook for cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Colby is great at all of those things, except for *what* to make in the cooking department. He made the observation that we hadn't been eating very healthy, so I decided to take a stand. Also, I'm still *trying* to diet.

Sunday - Grilled steak, grilled corn, grilled mushrooms, salad
Monday - Baked ziti with sausage and peppers
Tuesday - Chicken "enchiladas", grilled corn
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - Marinated grilled chicken, grilled green beans, salad
Friday - leftovers. I hope.
Saturday - grilled salmon, grilled asparagus
Sunday - spaghetti
Monday - Lentils with couscous
Tuesday - shrimp
Wednesday - sausage
Thursday - tilapia
Friday - going out to eat somewhere because the semester will be over.

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