30 March 2010

I would have tweeted profanities, but...

I made the firm decision to boycott facebook, twitter, and my chatting clients today until I have my committee meeting. This was in order to make an effort to accomplish the tremendous amount of work that I should probably be finishing between now and Thursday at 1:00 PM. This boycott has actually greatly aided me in my time of crunching. What *hasn't* helped was when the program I was working with froze and now i'm totally fucked because I just lost three hours of work.

Do you know what you can get done in three hours? You can measure the equivalent widths of about 500 lines in one star. One. single. fucking. star. And now I need to start from scratch. While I am all for the "from scratch" movement, I am not above eating things made from boxes. Starting from scratch in science is sometimes a good idea and sometimes it's really fucking stupid because you've just made a whole lot more work for yourself.

At this point, I'm at the really fucking stupid phase and now I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or just stoically start anew.

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