14 April 2010


I've been working my butt off, trying to get stuff done so I don't get kicked out of grad school and it totally sucks. By the first week of March, I had lost ~17 lbs and it was great. I was looking forward to losing more weight just as quickly, but then there was this conference. Conferences are hell on diets, especially this one. It was ridiculously good and catered by Tejas Grill. Not only were there buffet lunches, but also a couple coffee breaks with pastries thrown in for good measure. I ended up gaining ~4 lbs back that week, I swear, but I tried my hardest and lost the weight again... until Easter came around and my friends came and I gained that ~4 lbs back.

I was just going to try to maintain my weight for the time being (until June 3rd) and hope for the best, but now I've decided that I shouldn't prioritize school over health. Also, my reward for passing the second year defense (if that is to happen) is a pair of these:

The heel is 5 1/4 inches and they look like they should be paired with something cute. My new motivation between now and my second year defense is to pass, lose weight, and get into these shoes to party it up (read: get so drunk that I don't recognize myself in the mirror) and RELAX.

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