07 November 2009

Moving Part 2309483

I've been cheating my way through NaBloPoMo with kind of watered down posts. I think this is what happens when i'm forced to write every day. Oh well. I haven't been publicizing the fact that I've been posting in the usual spots, but once I post something of substance I will.

As for now, we're done with most of the painting for awhile. All we really need to do is to touch up some spots where we totally sucked at painting (and trust me, I do). Today is going to be filled with moving and Sunday will be cleaning the apartment time. Such (not) fun to be had...which is why I'm posting so early today.

P.S. my meals today were Potbelly's and Jason's Deli. Ugh. I can't wait til I have my kitchen back!

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