05 November 2009

Another quickie

The fact that we don't have a full kitchen anywhere at the moment means that we've been eating out a whole lot lately. We've been to Luby's, Zoe's Kitchen, and today we went to Taco Cabana. Mind you, it's not fancy eating, but they're Austin-ish establishments and now I can say that my suspicions were confirmed about Taco Cabana and it's a giant crap hole. Regardless, it fed me and shortly thereafter we went to our new HOUSE. :)

So we're painting tomorrow, moving on Saturday, and hopefully getting unpacked shortly thereafter. Expect no posts of substance because that's what NaBloPoMo does to a blog.


Jenny said...

Ahhh, Austin. I didn't read your About section until I saw the ref to Taco Cabana and Luby's. I thought, 'that sounds like home!'

What I would give right now for a trip to Matt's El Rancho on S. Lamar, you just don't know.

julie k h said...

haha. I think I might just get it. I would pretty much give my car for a loaded dub from Menna's in East Lansing, MI.