01 November 2009

Moving Menu

We went to Costco today because I wanted to get out of the apartment and Colby wanted to go for a walk... and because we needed to go and buy stuff to retain our yuppie badges. Mission accomplished. In an effort to, you know, minimize the amount of stuff that we need to move, we spent 70 bucks on things that we probably didn't need, but will definitely have to move because everything is in bulk.

We're also working on packing up the kitchen and hence will be on a limited kitchen supply list. Here's what I think we'll have: baking sheet, omelette pan, stock pot, pizza pan, bamboo steamers, sauce pan. I think this means that I need to actually plan out what we'll be eating for the week so here it goes (and let's see if we'll be able to follow it...)

fiesta chicken salad (ala O's) w/black beans, tortilla chips, and a salsa yogurt dressing

pasta w/artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, chicken

salad w/sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, chicken

some sort of chicken w/cream sauce (Colby's making it)

painting day... so... it'll be take out.

moving day... also take out, with my moving peeps.

assorted snacks will include: dumplings, noodle soup, mac'n'cheese

I've been trying to make a calendar which highlights all the meals that I'll be making, but I honestly haven't stuck to it at all. Maybe when I do, I'll eventually post it, but it's not worth it right now.

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