07 November 2011

Menu Monday

Full disclosure: I don't always follow the menus I post.  Last week, we never made the chicken and 20 cloves because the kitchen was a mess, we both were lazy, and I had a craving for Mexican food, so we headed to Amaya's instead.  (Insert excuse for Saturday and Sunday here, though yesterday we did go to Cipollina with Randi.)  I always aspire to follow these menus, but we inevitably end up eating out at some point or having way too many leftovers to justify making another dish.  My menu this week, though, lends itself to not create massive amounts of mess or leftovers.

Butternut squash from Montesino Ranch and puppy feet

Crab, avocado, and arugula salad, adapted from Nigella's recipe but it sounded good since we have that arugula

Chicken and 20 cloves and roasted brussels sprouts, for real this time

homemade sushi, which will consist mainly of california and vegetable rolls, mostly to use up the rest of the crab and avocado

Bacon, eggs, and biscuits

butternut squash casserole (recipe to come!) with a salad because that dish is the opposite of light eating. :)


Linda said...

I think I'm going to post Weekly Menus on the personal blog just to fulfill NaBloPoMo. Also, I'll post past weekly menus so I can filter for good recipes. :)

julie k h aka jkru said...

haha yes. between Monday menus and "Silent Sundays", I've got 2/7 of my posts covered. :)

gakiblogs said...

mm.. butternut squash puppy feet casserole...