22 June 2010


I'm headed to Boston in a mere 5.25 hours. I'll be spending the next almost two weeks working with an astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics. I'll be staying in the Cambridge area, so if anyone who maybe reads this and is familiar with Boston, please please please leave comments about what/where I should visit while I'm there. I won't have a car but plan to make use of the city's apparently good transit system.

And in a quick update about the layout, I'm working with my friend Naomi on redesigning the background and stuff. I'm thinking cartoon-y and cute because it was sort of boring before. Here's a preview:

Cute, no?


BusyDad said...

Boston is my hometown! And I spent 4 years in Cambridge. You can't go wrong just hanging out in Harvard Square. I haven't been there since the mid nineties, so all my old haunts are probably gone. If Bartley's Burgers is still around, you can't leave without going there at least once. Best burger in Boston!! If you head down Mass Ave to Porter Square, there's a really cool mini mall that's got all kinds of Japanese eateries. It's a good 20 min walk, or one stop on the red line. If you make it to Boston proper, be sure to get some Clam Chowder at Turner Fisheries in Copley Square. Best chowder in town. Don't believe the hype about Legal Seafoods being the best (even though they do provide the chowder at every presidential inauguration). I like Turner's chowder better. And I'm a total chowder snob. Hope that helped. Have a great trip. I totally miss Boston!

julie k h said...

thanks for the tips! I think that Bartley's is still there and it's definitely on my to do list. I'm staying with a vegetarian and so I decided not to eat any meat at her place, so I'll need to supplement. :)