24 June 2010


Greetings from Cambridge, MA. This will be a quick update, but I wanted to say hi and thank all of my Bostonphile friends for their suggestions. I've been on a run through Harvard, which was sort of interesting, although I didn't mean to make it so long. I ended up getting lost. Oops. I may make that run again tomorrow when I know where I'm going. I've also been to the CfA a lot, but so far haven't been to any restaurants yet. This will change shortly.

Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with some people, including a guy who studies abundances in damped lyman alpha systems from Pomona College. I doubt it will turn into a foodie extravaganza, but later that afternoon there's a wine and cheese gathering on the roof of the CfA.

Saturday is going to be my big day to explore. I'd really like to go to Turner Fishery to try some of Boston's best clam chowder and have my first ever lobster roll for lunch and then I'm going to make a stop at the Museum of Science and then perhaps a jaunt over to Mike's Pastry on the way out. I'm also hoping to go exploring in the morning, but I need to re-read everyone's emails to see what I'm going to do!

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