17 June 2010

Cheesecake Cupcakes

It's apparently dairy week, which has sort of wreaked havoc on my lactose intolerant gastrointestinal system, but it's been rather delicious. I decided to make cheesecake cupcakes for a picnic that I never went on, but here's the general idea.

I used the cheesecake cupcake recipe from Cooking for Engineers so I won't reproduce it here, but instead of using a Nilla Wafer as the crust, I combined 1.5 T of melted butter with 1/4ish c of crushed Teddy Grahams to fill 6 cups. I then topped each with a blackberry. For the others, I used crushed chocolate cookies and topped with a chocolate chip. I think in the future I may try oreos.

These turned out wonderful, were super simple and quick.


astrochris said...

All I can think of is the horror the tiny little Teddy Grahams must have felt as your ruthlessly crushed them to bits in your food processor.

Poor little Teddy Grahams. :(

julie k h said...

actually, I crushed them with a thermos. :)