12 October 2014

San Francisco Things: Brooks Park

There's a little park called Brooks Park near our Airbnb. I've never explored it because it's usually dark by the time I get home and it's up a super steep hill and I have the "opportunity" to climb many hills every. single. day. Colby finally convinced me to go and see it because it was "cool".

When you finally climb to the top, there's this crazy ridiculously amazing view of the ocean and San Francisco:

Admittedly, the sun is out of control in that picture.

And I have more pictures and stories, but my hand hurts from using a trackpad incorrectly, I think. Thus, this will have to wait for another day to be complete.


Kyle said...

I'm not a Turrell fan at all: https://deyoung.famsf.org/about/site-specific-art-commissioned-de-young/james-turrell-three-gems-2005

julie k h aka jkru said...

Well, what are you waiting for? Come visit!