23 October 2014

Hackbright Day 18: Study hall, with pictures!

Today was a "study hall" day. We ended up talking about how to use flask as the server to a web app that then rendered HTML pages. These HTML pages (along with their CSS) were manipulated by jQuery and AJAX calls to display things we wanted. In order to demonstrate this linkage in the clearest way possible, we added a random number button to the web app we worked on yesterday, just to show an example of how everything works together.

This is my super awesome graphical interpretation of what we did in lecture all morning.

Later on, I met up with one of my mentors and we started talking about how I could structure my project. And then I mentioned my pet project and now I'm starting to wonder if that's what I should actually pursue. I need to do a little bit of legwork to see if it's possible, but that project might be closer aligned with my technical interests than the other project idea I have.

In the afternoon, we had another lecture on cookies and sessions. Browsers store cookies. Sessions are server side. Sessions need cookies to store information from the browser. I think? I need to look into it a lot more. After I finished up the last part of the assignment from yesterday, I lost all will to work, so I updated my LinkedIn page a little bit. It turns out that I'm not very interesting and almost all of my "endorsements" are for things that are probably not relevant to the jobs I'm looking for, so it was probably just a good way for me to feel productive without having to think too hard.

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