12 October 2014

Hackbright Day 10: The first of what I can assume is many demo days

On Friday we all sat down for lecture and there were no instructors. One of the TAs brought up her laptop to stall and then finally one of the lecturers (who wasn't supposed to deliver the morning lecture) came in and gave a last minute lecture on classes and inheritance. It was really interesting, kind of complex, and made me think about classes in an entirely different way. I honestly have no idea what "style" of programming I've done over the years, but it's certainly hasn't been object oriented (with the exception of that one horrible semester in CSE 231 where a combination of my boyfriend and my friend were the only reason I passed that C++ course). 

We then went back to catch up on what we'd been working on that week, namely the twitter bots and the games. My game never came together. I asked one of the instructors for some pointers, but really he gave me a pep talk, which is what I think I needed even more than programming help. I love that after kicking myself for two days over this stupid game, someone was paying enough attention to recognize my despair. This is the complete opposite of grad school in a very good way.

Ugh, but seriously, I hate this game.
I think that i might actually start the game exercise from scratch again and try to write something that is actually achievable by the game engine and in a way where I learn about classes and inheritance and not just how complicated TripleTown is.

In the afternoon, we had a quick lecture on hashes and essentially on how dictionaries work and then it was back to working on our twitter bot (the game was dead to me at that point) and then we went back to the lecture area for demo time. There are a lot of really excellent twitter bots and games. And maybe later I'll post the links because I am the laziest. I am super impressed with all of my classmates. Everyone put in a ton of effort and everyone made something unique and hilarious for both the games and the twitter bots.

And I signed up to give a 5-10 minute talk on cat/head/tail and grep on Monday afternoon. This may or may not end up being a disaster. And I'm going to have at least one more post (and perhaps a couple more) tonight. You've been warned.


Heather posted about week 2 of Hackbright as well and has an awesome twitter list of the twitter bots that she graciously allowed me to link to. Thanks, Heather!!

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