31 January 2012

calling all freezer recipes

I no longer have feet.
I'm 35 weeks pregnant today if you're counting up or have 35 days left if you're counting down.  I prefer counting up because 35 days is way too close to a month for my comfort.  There's still so much to do, like finishing up the dust ruffle and other nursery decor, finishing up the birth method class, finishing a crucial part of my thesis work.  It's all about finishing things up before I lose the time and motivation to do anything anymore.  I've come to the realization that we're going to have to eat at some point and going to McDonalds every day isn't my favorite option I've ever heard.  In order to keep up with a baby, my thesis work, and being a human being, I've decided that we need to make a big freezer stash so we can just eat instead of cook.

So far, my thoughts have revolved around chili, lasagna, and quiche.  I turned to Pinterest to see if there were any good freezer posts and there were a few, but I'd love more suggestions.  So please, share away and tell me about all of your favorite freezer-to-table recipes I can make before I become incapacitated with baby!


astrochris said...

Chili and lasagna were my top two suggestions, too. My other options are (based on what I have in my freezer)
shepherd's pie: the guts freeze well, and you just need to top with some mashed potatoes.
pesto: freezes just fine as well
bolognese: I guess most non-cream based pasta sauces would work.

Kyle said...

Soup, meatballs, cooked beans (e.g. red beans)...I basically freeze anything I make on a Sunday for weeknight dinners.

julie k h aka jkru said...

Hm.. my problem with both pesto and bolognese is that I'm trying super hard to get off the pasta bandwagon, but the shepherd's pie idea is good. Could you not also freeze the potatoes?

Kyle, what soups do you usually make?

astrochris said...

I don't think I've ever frozen mashed potatoes before. I assume it'd work ok, as long as you had some milk on hand to mix back in when you warmed them back up.

Kyle said...

Erm...usually, soups that have appeared on this blog (the sweet potato one definitely, can't recall if I've frozen the squash one).