12 January 2012

Happy (belated) birthday, Kimchi!

January 7 was Kimchi's second/fourteenth birthday, so we decided to get her some gifts and make birthday bison tacos.  Okay, so that last part is a lie.  Tacos = lazy dinner.  Since the taco dinner happened on Kimchi's birthday, they also became birthday tacos.  We set her up with her own little bowl and then she went to town on it.

taco bowl

om nom

licking the bowl clean!

satisfied birthday girl
Later on, we gave her a few presents. I think she likes unwrapping the gifts almost as much as she likes playing with the toys.
Present number one: bully stick
She really does enjoy unwrapping gifts
She couldn't wait to play with her new toy
In all, it was a very happy birthday for my favorite little girl. :)


leeanne.masserang said...

i love this picture (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DP3yxSV5spI/Tw9tkH48kgI/AAAAAAAABak/vixVv7OpGE4/s1600/DSC_0038.JPG) more than life itself

julie k h aka jkru said...

I know, right? She's so photogenic. I'm glad we bought that camera to take pictures of the baby (you know, the real one that matters). We've gotten so much use out of it. :)