08 January 2011

I'm Back! Sort of...

December and January have been stupidly busy.  I spent a week in Boston writing my face off and then *immediately* turned around and drove from Austin to Michigan for ten days and then had friends over for New Year's Eve.  All the while, I was getting some sort of horrible head cold/sinus infection which started to become a real problem around New Years Day or so and I've been sick ever since.  Normally, I could just take a weekend and sleep it off, but I'm headed to Seattle to the American Astronomical Society conference tomorrow morning.  I'll be presenting on Tuesday, so you should stop by my poster, if you're in attendance.  I can tell you all about the wonders of the universe and stuff. ;)

I'll try to actually blog from Seattle.  I still have to tell the tale of the rest of the trip home, including our wonderful lunch at Zingerman's and a really fun dinner at Steve's Backroom.  Suffice it to say, I miss having good friends close by.

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