26 January 2011

Ode to Big Lots

why yes I did just buy 15 pieces of tupperware
My parents were never into buying off brand products or going to discount stores.  It wasn't until I started to pay for my own stuff that I embraced Target clothes and non-designer label shoes.  While I refuse to shop at Walmart for social justice reasons, I've come to really enjoy bargain hunting. No store is better for this than Big Lots.

I had a really crappy day today and needed some retail therapy to make my world right again.  Normally I head for the nearest shoe store, but this cshc idea has really been screaming to get out of my head and into practice.  We went to Target to look for containers for the food.  At first I was going to get the flimsy plastic almost throw away ones, but they all looked like they wouldn't last for more than a few cycles, so we started looking for nicer containers.  Nicer containers are expensive, especially at Target, so off to Big Lots we went.  We found 9 cup Rubbermaid containers with snap lids for $3 a piece.  Comparable containers cost almost twice that at Target.

So now instead of being mopey about my shitty talk, I'm just super excited to start cooking.

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