10 May 2010

I have better Colby in my refrigerator: part II

Colby and I have one car. It's a nice, new car, which is why we only have one and not two. This isn't usually problematic because he drops me off at school and then he goes to work. It's going to get remarkably more sticky this summer (pun intended... oh yes, I definitely watched Garden State last night) because I'll be working from home (aka in coffee shops). As much as I hate feeling trapped in the house, he hates feeling trapped at work. This morning I woke up to the garage door closing and ran out of my room thinking "bastard!"

He left, without even giving me a kiss good-bye, to trying to make sure that I was still asleep and therefore could not get the car. I promptly called him and the first thing out of his mouth was, "can't you just go back to sleep?" So I willed him home and then got the car so I could go work outside the house.

Sneaky boy and his sneaky ways. He's been hanging out with the puppy who can jump on the kitchen table and at scraps for too long.

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