14 May 2010

Assorted Thoughts

My new procrastination tool is notecards. Well, aside from my apparently renewed interest in blogging. I have a set of colorful 3x5 cards on which I'm making flashcards for my second year defense. So far, I've only started in on star formation. It's a pretty good time waster and it keeps me interested in so far as it's pretty and multi-colored.

I've been going to Sodade Coffee House pretty regularly for several weeks and now that the semester is over, I've been coming here to write my thesis. Their music selection sounds basically like my Guster Pandora station, except no stupid commercials.

I found this video the other day. Again with the colors. It's almost as good as stop motion post-its.

Writing figure captions has to be the most horrible thing in the world besides cockroaches and genocide. I'm not being dramatic here at all.

I'm kind of scared of the Amazon download interface. This is making it way easier to buy random music. For instance, I just bought Steve Martin's bluegrass album. I've been listening to a ton of bluegrass lately and I honestly think it stems from watching Father of the Bride Part II the other day.

C-x r k used to be my favorite emacs command, but now I think it's definitely M-q. Also, whenever I try to save something I do C-x C-s, which is sort of a problem because sometimes that means that I cut and then save something that I definitely didn't mean to.

Titanium suffers from a huge identity crisis. It's totally an Fe peak element, but it acts like an alpha. Silly.

This is becoming less and less of a food blog. I wonder if I should repurpose or just keep posting whenever I feel like it. Also, I'm redesigning the site layout with the help of N! It's probably going to look better whenever i get around to messing around with the CSS stuff, but for now it's white and boring.

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