14 May 2010

One Step Forward Ten Steps Back

he - "Guess what I downloaded today?"
me - "I don't kno--"
he - "the beta version of Starcraft II!"
me - "How did you get a beta key to that?"
he - "Oh.. I pre-ordered the game the other day..."
me - "Oh........"

10 minutes later

he - "I can't play it on my computer because it's too old"
me - "yay! I mean, oh that's too bad. So when are you going to order a new computer? ha ha"
he - "oh, I already did that"
me - "you're joking, right?"
he - "no... a couple days ago."
me - "um... why didn't you tell me?"
he - "I... uh... wanted it... uh.. to be a surprise!"

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