28 August 2014

UT Nostalgia

Yesterday was the start of the fall semester at UT. I happened to be on campus because met with my (omgformer!) advisor about the direction I want my projects to go. (The answer is always more grandiose than I have the ability or resources). It was bittersweet seeing the bustling campus. While I don't want to be back there preparing to TA an astronomy lab that no one wants to be in (hello, international relations majors), this is the first time in a decade that I have not been part in first day of classes on a college campus. (Holy crap, I have a case of teh olds.)

I've spent the better part of the last three years not going to campus all that often. I worked from home for most of my (uncomfortable) pregnancy and then only went in when I had to since Ramona was born. However, I will miss some things about campus, with the biggest being the elevator in the Speedway parking garage. Weird, I know, but it's glass and you can look out and see people and buildings and trees. It's strangely lovely, and the best way for me to calmly survey the chaos before thrusting myself into it.

dirty window, quiet campus

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