04 February 2013

San Francisco Day 2

So this is what we did today:

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We met up with my friend who drove all the way from Santa Barbara (!) at the Velo Rouge Cafe.  She got a coffee and we made our way up to Clement Street to pick up some dim sum from the Clement Restaurant.  We took our spoils to the Presidio (or it might have actually been Mountain Lake Park) and ate lunch at a picnic table in the park and then walked over to the playground area and let Ramona burn off some energy.

Afterwards, we made our way to Green Apple Books and then back to the Velo Rouge Cafe where my friend left San Francisco back home so she could go to work tomorrow.  Colby, Ramona, and I made our way to the Rossi Playground on Arguello where she burned off some more energy and then we headed towards Golden Gate Park to walk around the Japanese Tea Garden, which was sort of disappointing because they were cleaning out a lot of the ponds.  After that, we walked around some more and headed over to the Koret Children's Quarter Playground and then walked to Little Star Pizza to get deep dish pizza and garlic bread.

Afterwards, we tried to get back to our hotel, but were diverted off three buses because the downtown area was closed off due to the Superbowl and got into our room right about the time that the game ended.  I was really glad that we got in before the rioting started. ;)

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