04 February 2013

San Francisco Day 1

We've been in San Francisco for almost two days now and it's been a lot of fun.  I'm hoping to summarize each day for both the memories and to regain some blogging mojo.  There will be a bit of food involved (since we obviously need to eat), but a lot of "stuff we did".  Here's hoping that it's not too boring, but I'm not going to try to make it interesting, it's mostly just me chronicling our adventures here.

We flew in on JetBlue, which is seriously my new favorite airline.  They moved us to a row with an open seat in the middle so that we could have an entire row to ourselves and they gave Ramona stuff to play with on the flight.  It was awesome.  We came in on the BART and were able to check in early to our hotel, which was great.  We then headed to the rental car company and made a harrowing drive out of San Francisco (seriously, when someone claims that a city is "walkable" it ALSO means that it's basically impossible to drive in) to Muir Woods.  It was pretty, though crowded, but we took a ton of pictures and I'm hoping to post them soon.

After we got back and clean, we went to Osha Thai on Second and Mission.  Their tom kha soup was fantastic and the right amount of spicy to help me with my cold.  We also got beef wasabi rolls and those were great and served with this amazing sweet and sour sauce that I could have drunk.  Colby got the pineapple fried rice and he was sort of okay with it.  He said it was a letdown based on how good the first two items were.  I have no way of telling if his meal was good because I hate pineapple fried rice and on the unfortunate bite I took, there were raisins it in. Gross.  I got the crab fried rice and thought it was great.  The place was super clubby and dark and dun dun dun dun dun with the music, so no pictures.  Also, I think they weren't thrilled that Ramona was there and were super slow with the service.  We called it even after Ramona puked on the floor and so we left a nice tip.  There are other locations that are apparently cheaper, but the one by our hotel was in an area called the Tenderloin.  It's apparently not a good neighborhood and between the loud dundundun and the fact that Ramona was super tired, she was way overstimulated and I ended up going outside with her and walking around to try to get her to calm down.  Needless to say, I'm glad that we ended up going to the not dicey neighborhood.

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