07 May 2009


It's been a rough sort of week. Classes are ending for the summer, which means that the professors need to cram as much graded material as possible into the remaining few lectures. This has translated into one very thorough test, a couple note sets due, homework, two final projects, and two proposals that I should have finished by now. I've been better rested in more relaxed in my life, but it will all be over soon and a new sort of pandemonium will take over for the summer. I guess this will be the litmus test; if I can return to doing *just* research and enjoy it again, then maybe it's worth sticking it out, but if it's not even a little fun ever any more, I think I will have found where I need to draw my line. I guess this is the last summer before I'll really have to grow up and I intend to enjoy it to my fullest.

Soliloquy aside, these are mostly just my excuses for not sticking to my meal plan. In my defense, we did make the pirogies and kielbasa and we ended up eating portions of the other meals, but really I've been too tired/busy to cook and Colby's been too busy to eat a real, full meal at work. Our meals have been structured around ease and quantity, so tonight we found ourselves at Manny Hattan's, my pseudo replacement for Zingerman's. We haven't really found any good delis around here and Zingerman's does it a lot differently than most (I guess Cissi's is the closest in Austin, but it pales in comparison). Anywho, MH is not nearly as gourmet as Zingerman's, but it'll do in a pinch and it has huge portions, which means that I have a midnight snack, breakfast, and lunch in addition to dinner.

The one thing that MH might have over Zingerman's is their knish. MH's is baked and much larger and more mashed potato-like and they can also be "stuffed". I had pastrami stuffed knish tonight and it was amazing. Instead of bread, there was knish. So. Good.

And better yet, Wednesday is free cheesecake night. Awesome. I was sad that it was only one piece per table until they brought it out and it was ginormous.

knom. knom. knom.

P.S. sorry for the crappy camera phone pictures, but at least there are pictures. :)

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