31 December 2008

Still procrastinating...

My husband is wearing his wedding ring with a rubber band tied around the inside because it falls off when it's cold. This leads directly to two conclusions: 1) he seriously needs to get that resized before he loses it and 2) I'm married!

Yes, I survived not only the wedding, but also the reception, after party at my house, and Christmas with my future step-family and my in-laws. I am now allowed to use acronyms like "DH" and MIL and... um... I think that's it. And, as a bonus for making it through the wedding and the holiday, we have found ourselves in possession of some nifty door prizes including (but not limited to) a 13 piece tri-ply stainless steel Calphalon cookware set, the meat-grinder-pasta-maker stand mixer attachment, and a new last name.

I haven't really been sure about what I wanted to do with my last name, but I finally decided to take Colby's last name as my own because I wanted to. At 22, I haven't really made a huge career based around my maiden name, so other than some annoying paperwork, I couldn't really find any compelling reasons to not change my name. Right now, I guess my name is in flux. My user name for a lot of things has become my J-lo name, which ends up being jkru, but the new name would be j-ho, much less appealing. I guess I'll keep jkru until I find something better. ;)

Since the wedding, I've been shuttling back and forth between Colby's home town and my home town. We live only an hour and a half apart, but after spending appreciable time in what is essentially a rural area, I'm beginning to understand how Colby can keep himself entertained with very little effort, whereas I need stimulus in some form or another. Thankfully they have internet. Since I've been away from my own kitchen, the closest that I've come to cooking is making Colby a sandwich about an hour ago. Most unfortunately, after we make the drive back to Austin (in a much less frenetic pace), I'll be on a plane to Long Beach, CA for the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society to present research that i should be finishing up right now instead of blogging. (Though, in my defense, I'm almost through with my sanity check and the rest is pretty straightforward.)

Later today, we're headed to East Lansing to meet up with friends before we leave and to a hotel that we've booked such that a large number of people will be able to drink and pass out. It should be fun. And, of course, the new year's resolutions include losing weight (because I'm seriously not far into post-adolescence), blogging more frequently with pictures (because I must be the only person who writes a food blog that doesn't post pictures), and rededicating myself to my studies to make sure that I at least get my masters.

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