01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Greetings and salutations! May 2009 be filled with a lot more happy than sad to all of you! New years eve was spent, in part, working on a poster that I'm presenting at a conference and cursing my lack of adequate internet access. I spent the other bits of it with good friends and good, um, drink. :)

Today, we came back to Stockbridge to pack up the rest of our stuff in order to start the 1400 mile drive from Michigan to Texas. It should be... interesting. We're taking it slower this time, but I need to be back in town on Sunday, complete with poster in hand to go to Long Beach, CA for the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society. It should be really informative and a lot more relaxing than the other meetings because, for once, I'm not trying to talk to every professor in the convention hall attempting to convince them to let me attend their graduate school.

Much to my surprise, Colby wanted to try the cookie press that we got for the shower. Most unfortunately, it was full of fail. We used a spritz cookie recipe provided with the cookie press and it's mostly butter and flour, meaning that the cookies don't really taste like much, but here's the recipe because I haven't posted one in so long that this almost doesn't count as a cooking blog any more!

Spritz Cookies (from the Pampered Chef)

3 sticks butter, softened
1 c granulated sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
3.5 c flour

cream butter. add in sugar, egg, vanilla until thoroughly mixed. add in flour. jam in cookie press and go!

We tried all different kinds of shapes and none of them turned out well, though these three are probably the best of the bunch... which is sad. Next time, I'll use a different recipe and we'll see how it goes. Yay pictures and keeping to my New Years resolution. :)


Johnny Banana said...

I don't see anything wrong with those cookies. They look like how cookie press cookies look.

LeeAnne said...

Colby is a great person to cook with. He prevents kitchen fires!

jkru said...

They have a weird thing on top. It's supposed to be a cute <3 heart, not one with ventricles and atria.

Also, I can't believe that you guys almost set the suite on fire! Aww, I love my pyro friends. Oh! and Robert owes me 30 bucks. You should make him pay. :P

Joe said...

ahem. What do all cookies need? To think you've forgotten so soon...heh heh.

Oh, and congratulations on the wedding!

LeeAnne said...

how come robert owes you thirty?! we gave $60 to colby!

LeeAnne said...

also, chris is your pyro friend. colby, leeanne, and robert prevent suite fires. well, colby and leeanne, robert just sat on the couch and watched colby and i battle with a pizza box.

jkru said...

Oh! I thought that he never paid. Oops. Also, you don't recall all those things that you set on fire in my room. Also, remember freshman year homecoming and that mini table fire at Jack's?

It's not my recipe! It was the one that came with the cookie press and, indeed, something felt wrong about not having salt, though looking at the rest of the recipe indicated that it was going to taste like cardboard. Anywho, thanks for the well wishing. We should talk again! I miss your sage advice. :)