03 October 2008

Excuses and smoothies

HET proposal deadline is eating... my... soul. Oh well, the deadline is on Tuesday at 8:00 AM, which means that I get to sleep after that. Yay! Aside from securing 2 hours of telescope time, I've mostly been not cooking at all. The closest that I've come is that I've discovered the perfect smoothie recipe: strawberries + strawberry Jumex + plain yogurt + ice. I think it's about 2c ice, 2c strawberries, 1 c? jumex + 1/2c yogurt. Or I could be totally off. Guesstimate.

Yay for updates. I sort of want to challenge myself to update more regularly, but this would require a higher rate of cooking and telescopes just require too much time. Sadness. Also, what's double sad is that a terrible-looking jug of apple cider costs like 6 bucks at HEB. Seriously? I need someone to mail me some stat.

Photo credit: Space Today Online

1 comment:

TJ said...

i have to admit, i hate strawberries... but since your into baking, another idea of what you can make is strawberry muffins...