23 September 2008

Homesickness comes in many flavors including...

National Coney Island's entire menu
Olga's Kitchen's spinach pie and snackers
The Original Pancake House's corned beef hash
My Grandma's chili
Ferlito's lasagna
Menna's Joint (what I wouldn't do for a dub right now...)
Charlie Kang's dolsot bibimbahp
Omi's ginger miso salad

I've been really good about not being homesick thus far, but it's creeping up on me lately. I think that my profound lack of sleep is starting to bring out my inner child in a not good way... i.e. the tantrum thrower in me is starting to come out and um, she wants a tuna melt from National Coney Island on Mack (but not the one on Harper), now.

In other news, I'm amazing at making chocolate chip cookies and Israeli couscous. Nom nom nom.


Maggie said...

I haven't had Olga's snackers in YEARS! I'm sure I don't want to know why they tasted so good. I miss all the food in Ann Arbor. I think I spent a year working off the credit card bill from eating out in college.

Thanks for the tip, Verellen does have unpasteurized cider. I'm going to get some this weekend!

Shannon said...

So I made a very very last minute trip to GP this weekend, when I found out that the federal government celebrates columbus day. And guess what I had??? a Hani Delux from Coney!!! It made me very happy.

jkru said...

oh. my. god. I'm JEALOUS. I'm seriously craving a tuna melt and rice pudding.