24 September 2014

San Francisco Day 1

A lot of the people who have done Hackbright have blogged about it. In fact, that's how I even heard about Hackbright to begin with. I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog, but this has been so long neglected that I'm sure that my readership is like... me and the 3 people who probably put this blog in a feed reader and forgot about it. So, hello again. When I have the opportunity and inclination, I'll post things about Hackbright and generally what's going on with us. I think it'll be nice to remember these days because it's going to be a unique and intense period of time.

We're currently in San Francisco proper now. We're staying in an apartment in the Mission and it's great. It's actually incredibly spacious and the airbnb host actually works for airbnb, so she had a ton of stuff out for us. It's been really great. In an effort to save money, we're trying to make most of our meals at the apartment. Our first meal was Tuscan tuna and bean salad, with a handful of arugula thrown in and green onion subbed for shallot and the herb. I think this is going to be our inaugural meal in every new place we stay.

Back to Hackbright news, I'm slogging my way through the rest of the pre-work. I'll have to switch my focus to the hardware hackathon that I'm participating in this weekend, but I still have two days to make it through the rest of the required modules and then try to fit in whatever else I can. I definitely thought I'd have a lot more time to work, but having time where I didn't work like crazy was probably a good thing for my mental health and ultimately my ability to succeed in the program.

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