15 June 2012

Austin Cake Ball

It's the Ides of June and I've only posted once.  It's been busy around here, between trying to figure out the best way to work at home and my ever-growing baby.  As of last Saturday, Ramona weighed 16.5 lbs.  My assumption is that breast milk is magical.  One thing that we have been able to fit into our schedule is trying out different restaurants while Ramona is still content to sleep in her carseat while we eat.

A couple weeks ago, we went to Austin Cake Ball with Dustin for dinner.  The food totally exceeded my expectations.  I started with a chicken and potato curry soup.  It was good and I don't have anything else to say about it.  For my entree, I got the chicken and mushroom crepes, which were tasty and covered in a rich gravy.  The salad was a nice way to break up the extreme richness of the meal.  Colby got the gnocchi alfredo.  These were excellent.  On the salty side, but I like things on the salty side.  Also, (again) incredibly rich.  There's no way I would have been able to make an entire meal of out them without getting sick.  Colby ate a lot of my salad.  Dustin got the roasted chicken with brussels sprouts and bacon.  This was definitely the winner.  If we ever go back there, I'm ordering that.

The cake balls themselves were a bit disappointing.  Every time I have a cake ball or a cake pop, I'm always reminded that I kind of hate the way candy melts taste, so it sort of takes away from the experience.  They're also CRAZY expensive.  At nearly $3 a piece, these cake balls are on the small side.  Dustin said that the peanut butter cake ball was worth the expensive, though.  We'll likely come back here again, but I'll probably skip on the cake balls.

obligatory menu shot

chicken and potato curry soup - $3

chicken and mushroom crepes - $12

roasted chicken - $14

gnocchi alfredo - $13

German chocolate (left) and salted caramel (right) cake balls - $2.95 each

peanut butter cake ball - $2.95


Chocolate monsters

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