16 April 2012


It's one of those milestone birthdays, you know?  It's not nearly as big an ado as 50, but it's a decade and decades are still significant.  From what I've been told, my mom always hated her birthday because it was a sign that she was older.  I think, though, that this year she would have been much happier because right before she turned 60, her first grandchild was born.  Years that end in 2 have always been significant to me.  My grandma was born in 1922 and will be turning 90 in May.  My mom was born in 1952 and my parents got married in 1982.  And now there's Ramona.

So happy birthday, Mom.  Our gift is this picture and a promise that we'll never forget your birthday.  We wish you could have been here to enjoy it.


Julie and Ramona


Anonymous said...

I am totally ferklempt now! I don't know what is sweeter, the text or the photo!!!

Love Sheryl

julie k h aka jkru said...

Thanks, Sheryl. I can't wait til all you guys meet her! We're coming to Michigan in July.