24 January 2010


I have so many half-written posts, that it's even more unreal than the tournament. This is partially because I've been on a diet and all the foods that I've been making for myself, while extremely edible, are rather repetitive and boring (e.g. baked chicken/salmon with brown rice/quinoa and spinach/broccoli/brussels sprouts). I have made a few interesting dishes, but mostly I've been crazy busy.

You see, this semester is the one in which I present a defense in order to pass into doctoral candidacy. That sounds super fancy, but it really amounts to a shitload of work and with my guilt complex, means that I'm pretty much done with blogging until I finish my thesis, which should be some time in May (I hope). I'm going to try to post sporadically, but it's definitely not going to be more than a few times between now and then because I won't have time to really cook or write (aside from my thesis).

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