30 October 2009


My shameful foodie confession for the day is that sometimes i like really (and I mean *really*) mediocre food when I'm stressed. I had a committee meeting today which I thought I was totally going to rock, but ended up sounding like I hadn't done anything and didn't know what the hell I was doing. It was pretty much awesome and didn't make me want to quit astronomy to be a hobo at all (sarcasm). So to celebrate, Colby and I hit up Luby's, the Texas version of... well, I've never quite been to any place like it. It's basically a cafeteria with sit-down looking seating with real waiters who offer to get you free refills and salad dressing.

In all, it wasn't half bad and it was much better than the cafeterias at Michigan State. Then again, people who go to MSU get the freshman -15 because the food is so bad. I'm pretty sure, though, that the next time I go there will be when I'm 75 because the place seems pretty geared up for old people because the food is all soft and easy on the dentures and there's a drive way next to the door that allows you to drop off Grandpa right near the start.

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